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InsideGod works at least two ways. It implies I have the temerity to claim to get inside God and know what God is thinking, like the sanctimonious who say, “God wants you to…” BS. Who can ever know the mind of God?

Maybe more realistically, the title refers to the InsideGod, the God who lives within us all, the “Universal Christ” Richard Rohr talks about. Yes, all, including the most despicable. So-called lost souls have the same spark of God inside them, but they’re either denying it, or they’ve lost track of it. These are the folks Jesus was after. As the Talmud says, “The consciousness of God’s presence is the first principle of religion.” And sensing God’s presence within oneself might be the first step in religious maturity.

While my background is Christian, I see Christianity as just one of many valid routes up the mountain. Something else to debate. And of course, the site name has to end in .net, considering the subject.

You may like best to read by category. (Categories are way down at the bottom. Hit End.) “Getting Pithy” and “Provocations” are short stuff. “Let’s Think This Through” is longer form material.

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