God the Life-Giver

“It is He Who brought down from the heaven water,

With which We bring forth vegetation of all kinds,

From which We bring forth greenery,

From which We bring forth close-packed grain,

And from the palm tree, from its wreaths, clusters of dates, near to hand,

And gardens of vine, olive and pomegranate,

Resembling and not resembling one another.

Behold their fruits when ripe and ready to pluck!

In these are signs for a people who believe.”


Qur’an 6:98

God Sees All

“With Him are the keys of the Unseen; none but He has knowledge thereof.

He knows all that is on land and in the sea;

Not a leaf falls but He knows it.

Not a seed in the darkness of the earth,

nor anything, fresh or dried,

But is inscribed in a Manifest Book.

It is He who causes you to die by night,

and knows what you earn by day.

Then He sends you forth therein, until a stated term is fulfilled.

Then to Him is your return.

And then He shall inform you of your deeds.”


Qur’an 6:58