The War on Christmas

This time of year was chosen to celebrate the unknown birthday of a boy to an unmarried Palestinian couple who were refused shelter. Some unhappy people angrily shout that we should always say Merry Christmas in celebration. Always, dammit.

Such an attitude is at war with the very spirit of Christianity, and, therefore, Christmas. I will say Merry Christmas to people I know are Christians. But if they’re Jews, Muslims, Unitarians, Buddhists, or what have you, or I’m just not sure, I’ll say Happy Holidays.

This is the Christian thing to do. As in Love one another. Good religion, and even ethical atheism, is about compassion. So I’ll wish Jewish friends Happy Hannukah during that season, and compassionate, religious Jews will often wish me a Merry Christmas. That’s what it’s all about.

And by the way, X stands for Christ in religious iconography, so I see no reason to compromise my cardiac health over Merry Xmas.

To be aggressive about Merry Christmas is to try to make it compulsory to all. That’s the real war on Christmas.

Happy Holidays, everyone.