Imago Dei, short form

Imago Dei amor est; amor imago Dei est.  (The image of God is love; love is the image of God.)

This, especially in Latin, which sings well, has become my mantra. Over the past two months, another version has spontaneously developed:

Imago Dei omnes sunt; omnes imago Dei sunt.  (The image of God is all of us; everyone is the image of God.)

Indeed. Now I chant both Latin lines, while driving, say, or meditating. I really enjoy the theology.


Sin is denial of relationship.

We’re connected to everything and everybody, like it or not. Break any law, civil or religious, and you’re denying your relationship to something or someone, on purpose or not. You may simply not see how you’re related to others through a given place or situation, and your sin is simply missing the truth.

Sin is denial or relationship, by commission or omission.