A Problem with “Christians”

Nominal Christians love to support arguments with Bible quotations. Such arguments usually lead nowhere, settle nothing, and expose the faith of the arguers as mere belief.

The Talmud says Rabbi Hillel summed up the entire Torah (the Pentateuch, to Christians) with the so-called Golden Rule. Yet the Bible also says, “I hate them with a perfect hate.” And “May all their children be orphans.” My favorite: “Meals and wine are made for laughter, and money is the answer to everything.”

Weaponizing Biblical quotations obviously misuses them, apt though they may be. If you can’t argue a point without spouting Bible verses, you may be missing the whole point, which is love. Compassion. Empathy. That’s your measure, and the agreement you seek.

All legitimate religions share compassion as their common core. This even includes ethical atheism. If we can acknowledge the God-within-us (not above, or dwelling in splendid isolation somewhere, but in each of us), we’ll all win.

The God within us, our spark of goodness that glows in some and remains denied or asleep in others, can give us the courage to reach out, listen, and find compassion and agreement.

That’s how we save the world.

“The Image of God is love; love is the Image of God.”                                                            “Imago Dei amor est; amor Imago Dei est.”

Or, sounding more intellectual,

“Imago Dei caritas est; caritas Imago Dei est.”

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